Who is Leonard Heatherly?
Skills, Experience & Spirit

My head is in business ventures: I enjoy bringing experience and discerning creativity to help launch good ideas.

My heart is in missions: Everyone should hear the Gospel, be delivered from life's snares and be set upon the path to their destiny.

My 72 years has brought me from a country farm boy to be an engineer (BS Engineering Science), to an entrepreneur, to a minister, to a missionary experiencing a world of heart aches and thrills. By my diverse experience and dreams, some of the most exciting opportunities in the world still lie ahead.

Trust Management Services
Technical & Business Consulting
Entrepreneurial Development & Engineering Design
Managing Director 1994-Present
Maasai Missions in Kenya
Evangelism & Education of Ancient Tribe
Unchanged Primitive Society for 2,600 Years
Missionary & Prophet 2002-Present

Current Projects
Business: Design & Marketing of Innovative Disappearing/Reappearing Image Shirts
Ministry: Promoting Evangelism & Education of First Christians of the Intact Manassas Tribe.

Author & Publisher
  • "The New Sound: Call to GLORY"
  •         Discovery of hidden intact Tribe of Israel
  • Website:
  •         Seeking a Deeper Relationship with God
    11 Years of Intensive Prison Ministry
    QA Supervisor for IBM - Saturn/Apollo
    Renovation Contractor
    Research Tech at Oak Ridge National Labs

    Dream Projects
    Release all men from slavery to wages & the oil industry.
    Bring healing to 300 million people in Africa.

    Contact Information
    107 Yale Drive, Rockwood, TN 37854 -
    Updated September 2017