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Wealth Center Investment Model

- Establish -
Establishing Business Ventures
such that a portion of profits
Sustain Ministry

- Sustain -

A Wealth Center is Kingdom minded and makes private placements (infusion of capital) in both Christian missions and business ventures to make a better world. The business ventures in turn share their profits to sustain the humanitarian and mission projects

  • Kingdom projects are primarily chosen based on proven effective results in evangelism and/or humanitarian projects. Capital infusions often start these projects, but they are sustained by profits from business ventures.

  • Business ventures are chosen that we believe will create a better world. Assessment of ventures is based upon soundness, profit potential and risk. Usual standards of banks and venture capitalist do not apply.

TMS provide consulting services to assist entrepreneurial efforts in development of business plans that are acceptable to the criteria of a Wealth Center.

In the last year TMS assisted in establishing Wealth Centers with a 9 digit financial capability with a range of capital infusions from $100K to $6 million per project. This Wealth Center has been protected by layers of trusts, and its identity remains confidential. It is an example of extraordinary stewardship of Kingdom provision.

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