God marks His heavenly calendar. It is His prophets that must correctly discern.

Leonard Heatherly

      REVELATION 12:1-2

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Biblical scholars say, "...enmity between the seed of the woman (Kingdom of Jesus Christ) and the seed of the serpent (Satan)" is written in the heavens as the pregnant women lit by the sun, standing on the moon, and crying in the presence of 12 stars. This is portrayed above the earth on September 23, 2017.

We will surely hear from many theologians that this is the beginning of the great Tribulation. Going on, they will say to hunker down for its going to be a tough time for Christians - just wait for the Rapture. Contra, Beloved of God!

There is a showdown between good and evil. But, it's only bad for "church-goers" not attuned to the work of the Holy Spirit - spirit of truth and power. Evil shall make its last desperate stand, which is in fact the greatest opportunity in history to proclaim the Day of the Lord.

The popular "Mid-Trib Rapture" theory of well meaning theologians was established out of confusion between Scriptures that relate to a "Second Coming" and a separate event, "Judgment Day." Advocates of rapture would have us believe that evil becomes so predominate and powerful that God must take His Believers out of the world for a while.

Wake up slumbering Believers!, God is not retreating, no more than light will ever run from darkness. We are called to be warriors of His Kingdom on earth. We fight till the battles are all won, and Jesus rules the earth.

Some churches will be divided when Spirit-led Believers embrace the actualization of "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth..." while others will cling to religious notions of the establishment of men. As well as with many spouses of the same bed, one will follow the leading of the Spirit, and the other will be left behind.

I'm not saying it's not serious - check my current events Editorial of September 7th. Nevertheless, we are entering the most awesome time to be alive.

Get ready to shout GLORY!