Epic Financial Change

Within a few days...

the economy of the United States of America will forever change having an incomparable financial affect upon organizations, businesses and investors in the USA and even greater consequences internationally!

Perhaps, you or your financial advisor are already aware of the impact of the new banking law that went to effect on July 1, 2014. Depositor's funds can now be confiscated to make good on the bank's debts. There are serious questions to ask about your bank.

Of the dozens of countries that are on the break of economic disaster, one of most serious is the United States of America. America's problems include:

  • Federal Reserve capital represents barely more than 1% of its liabilities - $17.5 trillion.
  • The total liabilities of the US government is $125 trillion.
  • The American banking system has $60 trillion in debts.
  • American bank debt is growing 30 times faster than the economy.
  • New banking law of July 1, 2014 allows confiscation of deposits to pay bank debt.
  • The stock markets has a 200+% ratio of capitalization to GDP - on verge of crash.
  • The global derivatives total over 700 trillion while the GDP is only 70 trillion.
  • Many nations including OPEC will not accept US Federal Reserve Notes for payment.
  • The "US Corporation" was recently denied bankruptcy in the world court.

Due the enormous debt and cabal of corruption, the USD is no longer the world standard for currency. The BRIC nations are now establishing a new central banking system that does not include the dollar. The flood of Federal Reserve Notes, the fiat monetary system of the USA, may soon be considered worthless or at least become greatly devalued. Presently, even our Middle East friend, Saudi Arabia, will no longer accept dollars for payment.

The worst financial storm in history is most certainly coming early in 2015, and it seems like a dark time indeed. These things will certainly cause financial chaos for the uninformed.


"There are major operations underway to stave off economic collapse in the United States and subsequently much of the world: The International Monetary Organization will soon announce the re-valuation of 195 currencies worldwide, converting them from a fiat system to Basel III compliance. A great wealth, that has been accumulating for three thousand years, is presently being released to provide gold bonds for certain currencies and financial resources for business ventures and humanitarian endeavors. These actions and more are vitally important to the future of individuals and communities worldwide.

Trust Management Services can provide information (do's and don'ts) to help individuals, businesses and ministries to position themselves correctly, for not only weathering the storm, but proactively improving themselves financially. Moreover, Wealth Centers are being established to provide substantial financial resources to build a better world."

There are three choices in response to this information: (1) Disbelief and idleness; (2) Evaluate with other sources of information; and (3) Contact TMS immediately to discuss strategy. The results from the first choice will soon be obvious. Research will yield nothing creditable at the media level; so by the time to reach sources at the high level required, it will probably be too late. This leaves one viable alternative.

Email: trustmanager@email.com

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