Trust Management Services

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Trust Management Service works to get sound ideas, key leadership, ample capital and a skillful support team to create an excellent business strategy. Projects include expanding existing businesses, restructuring for increased productivity and startup ventures.


Engineering Design




Business Plan

Restructuring may increase profits and provide protection of assets
Creative funding, technology and networking overcomes barriers


Currently Pending Projects

South American Cattle Ranch $3.3 Million
Innovative Wind Turbine Foundation Technology $5 Million
Currency Trader Organization $2 Million
Ethanol Production from Waste Products $6 Million
Credit Security Device $2 Million
River Farm Boats $0.5 Million
and others...


Herbal Cure for Malaria
More than 200,000,000 people currently suffer from Malaria, of these 1 child dies every thirty seconds. An herbal tea is both the treatment and preventative for Malaria with documentation that goes back 1,700 years. The tea can be made fresh (requirement for effectiveness) by even primitive societies. This simple herbal treatment can defeat Malaria!

Water Projects in Africa
The Rift Valley Water Project will start with small bore, shallow wells in Maasai Land which will provide communities with fresh water at less than 10% of the cost of traditional wells. A vocational training program will teach Maasai to drill their own wells.

UPDATE: February 3, 2015

A global currency crisis is in the final steps of resolution. Currently it is in the hands of Iraq and their return as a sovereign nation. Closure will be punchuated by the release of the new gold backed US Treasury Notes.
Leonard Heatherly, Director

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