Within a few days...

the economy of the United States of America will forever change having an incomparably affect upon organizations, businesses and investors in the USA and even greater consequences internationally!

Perhaps, you or your financial advisor are aware of the impact of the new banking law that went to effect on July 1, 2014. Depositors funds can now be confiscated to make good on the bank's debts. There are serious questions to ask about your bank.

Currently the International Monetary Organization is re-valuating (RV) every currency worldwide. The Federal Reserve Notes, the fiat monetary system of the USA, will become greatly devalued. Presently, even our Middle East friend, Saudi Arabia, will no longer accept dollars for payment. The US Treasury has printed and will soon place in circulation a new currency (USNs) that are gold backed. Unfortunately, there are far more FRNs than can be replaced by US gold.

While these changes will likely cause financial chaos for the uninformed, correct positioning of assets can generate unprecedented profits - including an opportunity to become debt free.

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